About Me

I am Peter Weidinger and I work under trademark Peter W. Gary.

I have been a player at the stock market since 2012. I seek business opportunities in five currency pairs, which make up more than 62% of the whole trade volume on forex.

At present, I conclude businesses, whose trade volumes are up to 300,000 dollars. I have gained experience through continual active education and through thousands of hours spent by working with finances.

Ambition, perseverance and analytical abilities. These qualities make me a top professional in the business field.

I have achieved this level by the help of high-class mentors, who worked at the  American Stock Exchange and they are important traders or investment counsels for big corporations.

I go into businesses in order to speculate. I carry out purchase and sale of contracts within one day, or also within some minutes.

The quality of my work is supported by the fact, that I achieve 85% of successful trades in 1:1 money management.



I´m parter

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